Fuller's Division 16th A.C.

July 22, 1864

Battle of Atlanta

Fuller's Division 16th A.C., click photo to enlarge.
By Charles Geiger, on
1. Fuller's Division 16th A.C.

July 22, 1864. Gen. John Fuller´s only brigade -- Morrill´s, which was in reserve near Leggett´s Hill, was deployed S.E. of here to meet the advance of Walker´s div. (CSA) up Sugar Cr. valley. While so engaged, Cleburne´s 2 brigades -- Govan´s & Smith´s, (CSA) having penetrated the rear of the Federal line on Flat Shoals Rd., assailed the right flank of Morrill´s four regiments, not only forcing repeated changes of front but entire withdrawal to a line extending eastward from Leggett´s Hill.

During this action, the 64th Ill. reg´t. drove back Cleburne´s troops long enough to remove McPherson´s body in the forest where he fell.

044-69 Georgia Historical Commission 1956

Distinguishing numbers/markings on the plaque:
GHM 044-69

Location of the monument:
This monument is visible from the road. It is located at N 33° 44.637  W 84° 20.3958. Map it

To reach this monument:
The marker was located on East Side Ave just south of McPherson Ave, East Atlanta.

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Condition of the monument:
The condition of the monument was first reported on 11/15/2007.

The marker has been reported as having been removed.
One or more plaques are missing.

Comments about this monument:
The marker has been reported as having been removed.

Allegiance: Union
Type: Tablet (plaque)
Level: Division
Military Arm: Combined Arms


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