Manigault's Brigade Tablet

Sept. 20, 1863 3 pm

Battle of Chickamauga

Manigault's Brigade Tablet, click photo to enlarge.
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1. Manigault's Brigade Tablet

Manigault's Brigade
Hindman's Division, -- Polk's Corps.
Brigadier General Arthur M. Manigault.
Sept. 20, 1863, 3 p.m.

24th Alabama, Col. N.N. Davis.
28th Alabama, Col. John C. Reid.
34th Alabama, Col. John N. Slaughter.
10th and 19th South Carolina, Col. James F. Pressley.
Waters' Alabama Battery, Lieut. Charles W. Watkins.

The brigade reached this position from the vicinity of Viniard's about three o'clock. Upon reporting to General Bushrod R. Johnson the brigade was placed on his left the 10th and 19th South Carolina ascended the spur and joined Johnson's Brigade while the center and left extended across the ravine. Deas' Brigade operated against the spur on the left. The line advanced about 3:30 to attack the central crest and after severe fighting was repulsed the left of Manigault and Deas falling back to the foot of the hill and not being subsequently engaged. The 10th and 19th South Carolina the 28th Alabama and part of the 34th Alabama took part with Johnson's troops in the final advance just before sunset and followed the enemy over the crest in his withdrawal.

Manigault's Brigade Tablet, click photo to enlarge.
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2. Manigault's Brigade Tablet

Location of the monument:
This monument is visible from the road. It is located at N 34° 55.422  W 85° 16.604. Map it

Parking is available on Lytle Road .

To reach this monument:
Marker is at the intersection of Chickamauga-Vittatoe Road and Lytle Road, on the left when traveling south on Chickamauga-Vittatoe Road.

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This monument is recorded in the National Park Service database as structure MT-1201.

Comments about this monument:
The plaques on the Chickamauga Battlefield were installed by the War Department in 1890. This plaque is red indicating it is for a Confederate unit. Plaques are listed in the NPS List of Classified Structures as a batch input, Structure Number HS-Batch-3.

Manigault's Brigade Tablet, click photo to enlarge.
By Byron Hooks, on 2011/05/19 10:33:03
3. Manigault's Brigade Tablet

Allegiance: Confederate
Type: Tablet (plaque)
Level: Brigade
Military Arm: Combined Arms


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