Wood’s Division Tablet

Crittenden’s Corps.

Battle of Chickamauga

Wood’s Division Plaque, click photo to enlarge.
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1. Wood’s Division Plaque

Wood’s Division – Crittenden’s Corps.

Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Wood.
Sept. 20th, 1863, 9:30 A. M.

1st Brigade – Col. George P. Buell.
2nd Brigade – Brig. Gen. George D. Wagner.
3d Brigade – Col. Charles G. Harker.

During the night of the 19th, Buell’s and Harker’s brigades (Wagner’s brigade garrisoning Chattanooga) were withdrawn from near Viniard’s to the slope of Missionary Ridge west of Dyer’s House and beyond the Crawfish Springs Road. Early in the morning Wood was directed to relieve Negley’s troops on this ground. This was not accomplished until after 9:30, when the last of Negley’s troops passed to the left and Wood’s line with Barnes’ Brigade of VanCleve’s Division which had come forward with Wood, was closed to the left on Brannan’s Division upon the supposition that Brannan had responded to an order sent him to move to the support of the left. Wood was ordered at 10:45 A. M. by Gen. Rosecrans to close rapidly on Reynolds and support him. Brannan being under attack at the moment of receiving the order, held his line. Wood obeying literally, drew out of line and moved to the rear of Brannan toward Reynolds. Barnes Brigade at the beginning of the movement was dispatched to Baird’s support on the extreme left. Just as Harker’s Brigade, moving next in rear of Barnes, had gained the rear of Brannan, Longstreet moved with a column of three divisions of eight brigades upon Wood’s late front at the Brotherton house, penetrating the line dispersing Buell’s brigade which was following Harker, and taking Brannan’s line in reverse. Harker’s Brigade promptly moved back into the Dyer field, attacked the head of the enemy’s column with great vigor, which gave Brannan a chance to rally his command on Snodgrass Hill, where Harker soon joined him and held the left of the line on that part of the field until night. Fragments of Buell’s Brigade rallied on Snodgrass Hill, where Gen. Wood in person established his headquarters, in co-operated with Gen Brannan in the defense of the position. The loss of the division (two brigades) for two days was: killed, 132; wounded, 744; missing, 194; total, 1,070.

Wood’s Division Plaque, click photo to enlarge.
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2. Wood’s Division Plaque

Distinguishing numbers/markings on the plaque:
[UL] No. 67. [UR] U.

Location of the monument:
This monument is Not visible from the road. It is located at N 34° 55.0704  W 85° 15.7476. Map it

Parking is available on Dyer Road near  N 34° 55.0803  W 85° 15.7648 .

To reach this monument:
This monument is in a wooded area on the west side of the split rail fence that enclosed the Brotherton Field. The monument can be access from a path that runs along the west side of the fence.

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Distinctive geographic/terrain features at the markers location:
At the edge of the woods near an open field.

This monument is recorded in the National Park Service database as structure MT-536.

Comments about this monument:
The plaques on the Chickamauga Battlefield were installed by the War Department in 1890. This plaque is blue indicating it is for a Federal unit. Plaques are listed in the NPS List of Classified Structures as a batch input, Structure Number HS-Batch-3.

Wood’s Division Plaque, click photo to enlarge.
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3. Wood’s Division Plaque

Allegiance: Union
Type: Tablet (plaque)
Level: Division
Military Arm: Combined Arms


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