Brannan's Division Tablet

Sept. 20, 1863 1 pm to 7:30 pm

Battle of Chickamauga

Brannan's Division Tablet, click photo to enlarge.
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1. Brannan's Division Tablet

Brannan's Division - Thomas Corps.
Brig. Gen. John M. Brannan.
Sept. 20, 1863. 1 to 7:30 P.M.
1st Brigade - Col. Morton C. Hunter.
2nd Brigade - Col. William H. Hays.
3rd Brigade - Col. Ferdinand Van Derveer.

When the head of Hood's column pierced the Union line at the Brotherton house, and turned to the right, Brannan's line was taken in flank and rear. Van Derveer's brigade had been dispatched to Baird's assistance at the extreme left. The First and Second brigades, after stout resistance toward their right and rear, were forced back in disorder and parts of them were rallied on this ridge, where were gathered other forces and fragments of regiments numbering in all about 2500. Connell, with the greater part of the First brigade, retreated toward Chattanooga, Col. Morton C. Hunter remaining with less than one-third of the brigade on Snodgrass Hill.


Inscription on the rear of the monument:

Harker's brigade of Wood's division, which had held back Hood's division while Brannan was arranging his line, took position on the open ridge north and east of the Snodgrass house. Smith's battery I, 4th U.S., was at the house, Stanley's brigade of Negley's division next to the right, then Brannan's troops with many fragments of regiments along the line. The Confederates were turning Brannan's right flank when Steedman's division arrived at 2 P.M., driving them away from Brannan's right and rear and prolonging his line on the ridge. VanDerveer's brigade rejoined from the Kelly field at 2:30 and went immediately into battle on Brannan's line to the left of Steedman. The Confederate assaults were heavy and continuous from 1 o'clock till sunset. Fighting having ceased, Brannan's line was withdrawn without molestation at 7:30 by way of McFarland's gap to Rossville. Total strength of the division in action Sept. 19th, 5,998. Losses of the division for both days: killed 325; wounded 1,652; missing 214; total, 2,191. Percentage of loss 36.5.

Brannan's Division Tablet, click photo to enlarge.
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2. Brannan's Division Tablet

Allegiance: Union
Type: Tablet (plaque)
Level: Division
Military Arm: Combined Arms

Distinguishing numbers/markings on the plaque:
[Center] B

Location of the monument:
This monument is visible from the road. It is located at N 34° 55.6692  W 85° 16.1474. Map it

Parking is available on Vittetoe Rd .

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Distinctive geographic/terrain features at the markers location:
Snodgrass Hill

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This monument is recorded in the National Park Service database as structure MT-498-99.

Comments about this monument:
The plaques on the Chickamauga Battlefield were installed by the War Department in 1890. This plaque is blue indicating it is for a Federal unit.

Brannan's Division Tablet, click photo to enlarge.
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3. Brannan's Division Tablet


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