Cleburne’s Division Tablet

Sept. 19, 1863, 6 pm

Battle of Chickamauga

Cleburne’s Division Tablet, click photo to enlarge.
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1. Cleburne’s Division Tablet

No. 48 C
Cleburne’s Division – Hill’s Corps.
Maj. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne.

September 19, 1863, 6 P.M.
Wood’s Brigade. Brig. Gen. S. A. M. Wood.
Polk’s Brigade. Brig. Gen. Lucius E. Polk.
Deshler Brigade. Brig. Gen. James Deshler.

When Cheatham’s Division had been driven back at 3 P.M. by Johnson’s Division aided by Palmer’s, General Bragg ordered Cleburne, then beyond the Chickamauga and a mile and a half south of Lee and Gordon’s Mill, to the support of Cheatham’s Division and of Walker’s and Forrest Corps, then assembled at Jay’s Mill. Cleburne arrived here via Thedford Ford at 6 P.M. forming his line to the right and rear of Cheatham and the left and rear of Walker. He passed over the latter and, assisted by a portion of Cheatham’s division to his left, attacked Baird’s and Johnson’s Divisions as they were in the act of withdrawing as the Kelly Field. A desperate night fight at close quarter resulted, lasting about an hour, when the Union forces gradually withdrew to the vicinity of Kelly’s Field, in accordance with orders they had received when attacked.

Cleburne’s Division Tablet, click photo to enlarge.
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2. Cleburne’s Division Tablet

Distinguishing numbers/markings on the plaque:
[UL] No. 48 [UR] C

Location of the monument:
This monument is visible from the road. It is located at N 34° 55.3872  W 85° 13.9637. Map it

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This monument is recorded in the National Park Service database as structure MT-1092.

Comments about this monument:
The plaques on the Chickamauga Battlefield were installed by the War Department in 1890. This plaque is red indicating it is for a Confederate unit.

Allegiance: Confederate
Type: Tablet (plaque)
Level: Division
Military Arm: Combined Arms


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