Sherman's Brigade

Sheridan's Division - Granger's Corps.

Battle of Missionary Ridge

Sherman's Brigade, click photo to enlarge.
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1. Sherman's Brigade

Sherman's Brigade
Sheridan's Division - Granger's Corps.
Col. Francis T. Sherman.
Nov. 25, 1863
36th Illinois - Col. Silas Miller.
- Lieut. Col. Porter C. Olson.
44th Illinois - Col. Wallace W. Barrett.
73d Illinois - Col. James F. Jaquess.
74th Illinois - Col. Jason Marsh.
88th Illinois - Lieut. Col. G. W. Chandler.
22d Indiana - Col. Michael Gooding.
2d Missouri - Col. Bernard Laiboldt.
- Lieut. Col. Arnold Beck.
15th Missouri - Col. Joseph Conrad.
- Capt. Samuel Rexinger.
24th Wisconsin - Maj. C. von Baumbach.

This Brigade, in the general assault, held the right of Sheridan's Division, its left resting on the Moore road (Montgomery Avenue) with Harker's Brigade on its left and Stoughton's of Johnson's Division on the right. It formed in four lines, strongly covered by skirmishers, and after carrying two lines of earthworks at the foot of the ridge halted at the second line for instructions. It was soon ordered forward and carried the crest, aiding in capturing a battery and many prisoners. It bivouacked on the summit, but at midnight was ordered forward in pursuit.

Sherman's Brigade, click photo to enlarge.
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2. Sherman's Brigade

Distinguishing numbers/markings on the plaque:
(UR) U

Location of the monument:
This monument is visible from the road. It is located at N 35° 1.1154  W 85° 15.886. Map it

Parking is available on South Crest Road near  N 35° 1.1447  W 85° 15.8009 .
Parking is available at the nearby NPS Bragg Reservation. From the parking lot, walk west to the marker.

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Distinctive geographic/terrain features at the markers location:
Missionary Ridge

This monument is recorded in the National Park Service database as structure HS-Batch-3.

Comments about this monument:
Most of these tablets and plaques have integrity of location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling, and association to the historically significant period of Commemorative/Park Development (1895-1899).

Sherman's Brigade, click photo to enlarge.
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3. Sherman's Brigade

Allegiance: Union
Type: Marker
Level: Brigade
Military Arm: Combined Arms


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