Monument Submission Guidelines and Suggestions

  1. The monument must be located on a battlefield. This site does not include the monuments that can be found in many city squares that are dedicated to all those that fought and served during the American Civil War, but rather those monuments that are dedicated to specific battles.
  2. Take a close-up photo of monument. Try not to cut off the edges; step back a little bit to be safe. If you have any photo-editing software, you can always edit the photograph later.
  3. Take a wide shot of the monument and its surroundings. This photo will provide context.
  4. Take a close-up picture of the text on the monument making sure the text is readable. Walk completely around the monument and photograph any text appearing on the monument. It is always a good idea to use the same method for photographing each monument you visit. Example: start in the front of the monument; walk clockwise around the monument taking pictures of any text appearing on the monument. This way when you view your photographs, you can determine where on the marker the text appeared by the order of the photos.
  5. If the monument has a sculpture or interesting art work, take more pictures of the art work. You can never have too many pictures.
  6. Write down the monument’s location: road or street name, nearest town, nearest crossroad, what side of the road is it on, etc.

    If you have a GPS device, then mark a waypoint or write down the latitude and longitude of the monument's location. Click here for more information about latitude and longitude.
  7. Before submitting your monument, make sure it is not already in the database (see “How you can contribute to CWBFM”).
    1. If the monument is not already in the database, click on “Add Monument” from the battle detail page and get started (see “How you can contribute to CWBFM”).

      The monument will not be visible in the database until it is published by an editor. Check your "My Monuments" page for the status of any monuments you've added.
    2. If the monument is in the database, go to the monument's page and add better photos, make corrections, or add to the information there.

  8. After submitting your monument, explore the history it relates. Look things up on the Internet. Go to the library. Visit your local historical society. As you find out more, add what you’ve learned to the monument page by adding links, comments, and perhaps additional photographs.