Text and Photographs by David Seibert

Georgia Scenes pictures 95 historic or unusual scenes in Georgia. The first 56 images are of historic houses; many of them have never appeared in books and are well off the standard tourist routes. Most are antebellum, built prior to 1865, with the earliest dating to the late 1700s. The final 40 images are of other scenes, including photographs of historic markers, courthouses, historic churches, covered bridges, forts, unusual metal sculptures, cemeteries and graves and more. (One cemetery possibly contains 25,000 unmarked graves dating from the middle 19th century. It is unknown to most Georgians.) There’s an image of two giant dish antennas hidden away on an obscure back road, designed to search out intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

The photographs were taken during the 40 years the author spent traveling in Georgia attempting to locate every historical marker (there are over 3000 of them) in the state. Locating and photographing Georgia’s old houses was a logical next step.

At the author’s insistence, the book was written, photographed, designed, edited, and printed in Georgia, printed in the Georgia typeface.

Georgia Scenes is softbound, 11 by 8 ½ inches, in landscape format. The book consists of 206 total pages containing 94 color and 2 black & white images. Every other page is blank, allowing the images to lie flat for optimum viewing. The book was released in early 2014.

The author passed away on July 6, 2020. The book was distributed by the author and is no longer available.

White Plains Baptist Church
Circa 1887