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Linking Information for Webmasters.

You are encouraged to link directly to any page on the site. When pages are updated their ID may change, but you can link to specific pages with confidence because IDs are not reused. If you wish to ensure that you always display the most up to date information for a monument, first display the monuments detail page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Get External Link”. The monuments detail page will be re-displayed with a different URL. Use this URL to ensure that you retrieve the most current information for a monument. Example:

http://cwbfm.org/Monument/ExternalMonumentDetails?monumentRecID = Monument66

While it is not considered good form, you may source your image tags to our server. But when you do, remember that you must also display the photographer’s name and the date of the photo, when shown; and this web site. For example use this format in small type,

by John Smith, July 4, 2014, courtesy of CWBFM.org

Refer to the copyright page for more information.