Second Battle of Kernstown

Part of the The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864

Battle Summary
Date 07/24/1864 - 07/24/1864
Location Frederick County, Virginia
Result Confederate Victory
Flag of the United States United States
Flag of Confederate States of America CSA (Confederacy)
Brig. Gen. George Crook Lt. Gen. Jubal Early
Forces Engaged
10,000 13,000
Source: Civil War Trust - Second Battle of Kernstown
Casualties and losses
Total 1,200 600
Source: Civil War Trust - Second Battle of Kernstown
Synopsis of the battle:
"Believing that Early’s army was no longer a threat in the Valley, Maj. Gen. Horatio Wright abandoned his pursuit and ordered the VI and XIX Corps to return to Washington, where they were to be sent to Grant’s “army group” before Petersburg. Wright left Brig. Gen. George Crook with three divisions and some cavalry to hold Winchester. Under orders to prevent reinforcements from being sent to Grant, Early marched north on July 24 against Crook. After an hour of stubborn resistance at Pritchard’s Hill, the Federal line collapsed and Crook’s divisions streamed back in disarray through the streets of Winchester. Col. James Mulligan commanding Crook’s 3rd Division was mortally wounded. Rutherford B. Hayes commanded a brigade against John C. Breckinridge’s wing. Crook retreated to the Potomac River and crossed near Williamsport on July 26. As a result of this defeat and the burning of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, on July 30, Grant returned the VI and XIX Corps and appointed Sheridan as commander of Union forces in the Valley. "

Source: CWSAC Second Battle of Kernstown [PDF, p 157]

Status of the Battlefield:
It is not known if the battlefield has been preserved.

The battlefield has been preserved as the Kernstown Battlefield.

Visit the official park web site at Kernstown Battlefield
Surviving earthworks: Unknown

Aids for your visit to the battlefield:
Is there a battlefield app? Unknown
Map of the Battlefield showing the locations of the markers? Unknown

Notes / Comments:
The Kernstown Battlefield Association owns and operates the Kernstown Battlefield on the Pritchard-Grim Farm located in Winchester, Virginia. See their web site for more information.

Monuments Documented:
There are 0 monuments documented by CWBFM on the battlefield.

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